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      1. Air Freightt
        With our expertise, uncompromising service, and competitive rates, Jiulong Logistics is the confident choice for all of your air import/export needs. Whether you need express air assistance, door to door service or most any type of accommodation request, we can arrange the best shipping options to meet your specific needs for safety, time, and convenience.

        Ocean Freight
        With our wide experience in import/export ocean freight forwarding you can rest assure your cargo is in safe hands.
        --FCL we have built up positive strategic and cooperative relationship with major shipping companies all over the world, such as CSCL, PIL, EVERGREEN, COSCO, MARSK, NYK, NORASIA, MSC, OOCL, LT, CSAV, RCL, etc. allowing us to provide the flexibility, shipping space, and reliable service.  

        --LCL We handle 80% of the consolidation shipment among all of Ningbo freight forwarders. We know what we are doing

        Trucking Services
        With our own trucking fleet of over 250 fifth wheel tractors, your shipments will never be left behind.

        Other services

        Import Services

        l          Documentation coordination

        l          Customs clearance

        l          Container Inspection

        l          Transloading containers for inland destinations.

        Export Services

        l          Documentation coordination

        l          Worldwide Consolidation Service

        l          Door to Door Service

        l          Export Packing

        l          Freight Insurance Broker

        l          Letter of Credit Negotiations

        l          Warehousing



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